1-Day Horse Riding Tours in Teteven Balkan Bulgaria

1-Day Horse Riding Tours in Teteven Balkan Bulgaria 1
1-Day Horse Riding Tours in Teteven Balkan Bulgaria 2

Teteven Balkan - one of the most beautiful parts of the Balkan Mountains - is situated very close to Sofia, it takes only an hour drive. Hidden forest paths lead to high ridges with spacious views - up there, where it’s easy to take a deep breath and where the eyes cannot get enough. But the pleasure is even greater when you enjoy this lovely nature riding on a horse back!

Glozhen Monastery


Golyam Izvor - Glozhen Monastery - Golyam Izvor

We arrive at the village of Golyam Izvor. We meet the horses and get brief instructions. We saddle the horses and head along forest paths to the Ridge of Lisets Mountain, from where a splendid panorama view to Teteven Balkan is revealed. Riding through a century-old beech forest we approach Glozhen Monastery. Its impressive silhouette perched on an inaccessible rock is one of the most impressive sights in Bulgaria. After a short walk inside we return to Golyam Izvor. Drive back to Sofia.
Riding: ~4-5 hours

Price: 90 euro per person (min. 2) including return transfer from Sofia, English speaking guide and local guide
Price: 70 euro per person (min. 2) excl. transfers and English speaking guide

Note: This tour is suitable both for beginners and experienced riders.