Rila Ride Bulgaria: 4-Day Adventure for Experienced Riders.

Rila Ride Bulgaria: 4-Day Adventure for Experienced Riders. 1
Rila Ride Bulgaria: 4-Day Adventure for Experienced Riders. 2
Departure Date: from 01-06-2024 to 31-10-2024 Status: Open for booking Price: 680 Duration: 4 days

Four - day horse trek in the heart of the most beautiful mountain in Bulgaria - Rila. The terrain is balanced between gentle and mountainous, allowing good opportunities for an extended trot and canter in certain places. It passes through incredible landscapes of high mountain peaks, vast green meadows and clear rivers. Rancho Rila is located 70 km from Sofia and offers crosses of Arabian and local Danube horses. They are trained, calm, healthy and strong. You should be ready to ride for between 5-6 hours, passing by sights such as the Rila Monastery and the 7 Rila lakes. The departure from Sofia is at 09.00 and the drive to the stables takes 1.5 hours.

♦ Rila Monastery
♦ Rila National Park views


Day 1. Transfer from Sofia to Dospei (2 hours). Ride Mechit Hut (26 km, 3.5 hours)
After a 1.5 hour drive we will meet our guide and horses. Small snack if we bring something. Then we start the journey from our ranch located at the foothills of Rila mountain. The route is initially flat and open lowland terrain but will become more mountainous and forested. Thus, we will climb 1000 m in elevation to reach the Mechit hut. We spent the night here.

Day 2. Mechit - Kobilino Branishte - Rila Monastery - Forest nook (34 km, 7 hours)
Today we are entering further into the mountains and accordingly we can feel the change not only through the views that it reveals to us, but also with the change in nature and the vegetation. The terrain will become more difficult and rocky. We will cross the ridge of the mountain and the “Kobilino branishte” area, translated as "horse shelter", where we may spot free horses if we are lucky. In the afternoon, after more than 5 hours riding we can stop for lunch. Alpine lakes, clear streams, lush meadows, coniferous bushes and naturally beautiful nature will accompany us throughout the day. We will reach the Rila Monastery, a symbol of Bulgaria with its history and majesty. Close by(a bit more than 1 hour ride) we will spend the night at our motel where we can have our dinner.

Day 3. Forest nook hotel - Vada Hut (35 km, 6 hours)
We head north to cross the ridge again. The climb in this case will take us to the very top of the mountain, where the views are amazing. The glades allow better visibility and more space for the riders. Wild nature gives us no places where we can eat so bring your own food. Traveling we will pass by another landmark of the country - the 7 Rila lakes and other amazing sightseeings. In the evening we will spend the night in the Vada hut.

Day 4. Vada Hut - Dospei (30 km, 4-5 hours) Transfer back to Sofia (2 hours)
This day we will descend until we reach our final destination. We will move along the river valley. The same beautiful nature and forest terrain await us. The long distance and short time will be compensated by faster riding, which will take us 4-5 hours. We say goodbye to our guide and hosts. Drive back to Sofia.

Good to know:
♦ Recommended travel period of the year: April - October
♦ Riders need to be fit and capable of being comfortable with trots and canters in open countryside.
♦ There is a minimum age of 12 for children on this trail.
♦ Maximum weight limit is 90 kilos.
♦ We recommend bringing your own riding hat. There are some available ones to borrow, there are limited sizes. Hats are not mandatory in Bulgaria.
♦ You are welcome to groom your horse if you like but saddling is not required as this will be done by your guide.
♦ Chalets don’t have their own bathroom.
♦ your luggage and equipment will be with you on saddlebags.