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Tour: Orpheus Trail (8 days progressive ride in Rodopi mountains), 8-15/08- 2015, Lona B ./ Canada

Enjoyed the most: The horses. They were very calm, sure footed, and incredible endurance. Lots of long, long gallops with walking in between, to catch your breath. Also, our guide, Lubomirr Gatev was extremely caring, insuring that all of us had food that met our individual needs. Also, Bulgaria is a beautiful, quaint, and clean country. Loved the people. The 2 hour down hill riding on old roman rocky roads at the end of each day. Would of liked a bit more of mountain trails rather than old roads. Our accomodations were in nice guest houses or homes in the mountain villages. Every host was very kind, great cooks and made me feel very welcome. My only complaint would be the serving sizes were hugh and I could not ever eat all the food put in front of me.

Tour: Orpheus Trail (8 days progressive ride in Rodopi mountains), 8-15/08- 2015, Anais Colette Suzanne R ./ Canada

Enjoyed the most: The gallops were absolutely amazing! Large mountain trails allowed us to gallop many times for over 10 minutes at a time. The scenery is also breathtaking, with several high points from which we would dominate mountains and valleys. Our guide Lubo was great! After the 1st day you could see that he really trusted us with the horses and the riding, himself riding in last position. No matter what time we left in the morning, there was always time for a nap in a field or a clearing at lunch. Lubo also organized a wine-tasting in a local winery for us despite the fact it was not on his itinerary anymore. He was also very competent with the horses and I always felt 100% safe with him in charge. He knows his horses and the trails extremely well. This made for a very relaxing trip and really felt more like we were 4 friends riding together, rather than 3 strangers and a guide. I wouldn't say anything bothered me, it was such a fantastic trip! However if I was to be really picky, I'll say I would have enjoyed a bit more riding in narrower trails and paths, for a bit more challenge and change of terrain. We did take some narrow trails in the deep forest a couple of times, but for the most part we were on large mountain trails (wide enough for a car). These were awesome for galloping, but could also get a bit monotonous when we were walking downhill.

Tour: Orpheus Trail (8 days progressive ride in Rodopi mountains), 19-26/09- 2015, Marloes M./ The Netherlands

I was on a horseriding trip in September 2015. I had a really, really awesome time! Lots of galloping, beautiful nature, stunning views, good food, strong schnaps and good guiding from Lubomir. I recommend everyone to take this trip! I had the best holiday :)

Tour: Orpheus Trail (4 days progressive ride in Rodopi mountains), 12-16.10/ 2015, Manon B./France

My trip with penguin travel company was really good!! My guide Lobomir was really nice and he give me a lot of advices to visit Plovdiv and discover the bulgarian food. The Horse riding was really good to. I recommande this trip to everyone.

Tour: Orpheus Trail (8 days progressive ride in Rodopi mountains), 30.05/06.05 - 2015, Karin Elsa Maria M./Sweden

I can definitely recommend going on Penguin travel's horseriding trip in the Rhodope mountains, Bulgaria ( I went on the one called the Orpheus Trail, starting in Plovdiv). The local people are warm and friendly, the views are absolutely stunning and the horses had lots of energy. Seeing mountains from horseback with the wind in your face is something one simply has to do, at least once. The whole trip was well organized and staying with the local people was a real treat. My guide (Lubormir Gatev or Lubo for short) did a fantastic job. We had lots of fun together and became friends. All in all, considering the price for this wonderful experience, it's a steal.
Maria Moliteus, 21, from Sweden

Tour: Orpheus Trail (8 days progressive ride in Rodopi mountains), 6-13/6.2015, Jackie D./USA

Two friends and I have just come back from the Rodopi Trail ride and this is the 4th time we have booked horse riding trips with Penguin, and although each of them has been very different we have enjoyed every one. I don't normally post on tripadvisor so I was shocked to read some of the earlier comments. For our latest trip ( which ended yesterday) everything went smoothly according to the schedule, the riding guide owned the horses and they were very well treated, our support guide ensured everything went smoothly and added lots of local knowledge and opportunities to do extra things. We added some extra days to our tour and Penguin accommodated sorting out extra activities and transfers. The only comment I would add as a note of caution is that if people don't have much ,or no riding experience , I don't think a week trail riding would be the ideal starting point, as the pain might outweigh the pleasure of the fantastic scenery and Bulgarian hospitality!! Jackie

Tour: Orpheus Trail (8 days progressive ride in Rodopi mountains), 6-13/6.2015, Joan F./Canada

I just returned (with 4 friends) from Penguin Travel's week-long Rhodope Mountains horseback ride on June 13, 2015. We are all very experienced riders and had a great time. Good, dependable horses. Fantastic scenery. Great guides (Lubo speaks excellent English and was a lot of fun). We booked two extra days before the riding in Plovdiv and Penguin handled our transfer to and from Sofia as well as the extra nights' lodging very efficiently. We were housed, on the riding trip, in a variety of types of places which gave us a very good feel of how people live there. Also an effort was made to introduce us to the traditional foods, etc.

Tour: Orpheus Trail (8 days progressive ride in Rodopi mountains), 6-13/6.2015, Susan B./Canada

I was in Joan's group on the Orpheus Ride in the Rhodope Mountains. The experience far exceeded my expectations--the countryside was lush and beautifully green with fields of wild flowers, evergreen forests,and picturesque villages. Lubo, our guide, was competent, charming and knowledgable. We had good accommodations, visited historic sites, and found the Bulgarian people warm and welcoming. I highly recommend it!

Tour: Orpheus Trail (8 days progressive ride in Rodopi mountains), 6-13/6.2015, Lee C./Canada

I was in Joan's group for the week of horseback riding the first part of June, 2015. We were a group of five riders who have vacationed all over the world on different horseback riding trips. We are all very experienced riders and own our own horses at home. Members of our group have ridden in Kenya, India, Spain, France, Costa Rico, and various locations in South America. We love to stay in local accommodations and get to meet the people of the country. We actually booked our trip with Hidden Trails and they use Penguine Travels for their rides in Bulgaria. Each country has had its own flavor but our trip to Bulgaria was very special. Our guide Lubo and his assistant on the trip Marion made our vacation a blast! The thing that impressed me the most is the care they took in insuring our safety as riders. The horses were well taken care of and our tack was comfortable and new. Some of the trips we have done certainly could not boast of this! The value in Bulgaria is exceptional for Americans. Unforgettable wonderful vacation!

Tour: Orpheus Trail (8 days progressive ride in Rodopi mountains), 6-13/6.2015, Dorothy A./Canada

I traveled with a group of 5 to the Rhodope Mountains for a 6 day 5 night horse riding trip, June 7th to June 12th, 2015. It was great! The Penguin tours was on time, attentive and very accommodating. We stayed in Plovdiv a few extra nights before the tour which they arranged for us. Transfer from Sofia to Plovdiv went smoothly. Our guide, Lubomir Gatev, was exceptional. He was very good with the horses, paired us up well and was concerned for the comfort of the horses as well as the riders. Very personable, fun, friendly and made the trip interesting and entertaining. His knowledge of local history and customs was great. The horses were sturdy, safe, healthy and made our trip very easy. The tack was nice and comfortable.
The tour was a progressive ride and each Inn was clean, comfortable, hot showers with delicious and plentiful meals. I was very happy with this tour and would recommend it strongly. Plovdiv and the Rhodope mountains were absolutely beautiful.

Tour: 1-day horse riding in the Rodopi Mountains, 16/8.15, Claire G. /France

We chose Penguin Travel to do horse riding in the Rhodopi moutains and we really enjoyed it!!! Our guide was very funny and explained to us many interesting things about the monastery that we visited during the tour. It was also our first time practicing such an activity and our guide has been a very good instructor, trustworthy for sure! Many thanks Lubomirr!!! :)
Lucie & Claire (France)

Tour: 1-day horse riding in the Rodopi Mountains, 15/8.15, Robin N. /France

We made a horse trip around Plovdiv with Penguin Travel and it was a really good moment ! I was with my girlfriend (both french engineers with middle-low level at horse riding). We called them only a couple of days before and they managed to find us a guide.
Good thing : we had the chance to be the only couple this day so we enjoyed our private trip :) The guide was very nice, he explained us the story behind the places we visited and we shared a very good time with him. The prices are very interesting and the view of the mountain and the nonery we saw really worth it !!! This trip is perfect for a 1-day visit to Plovdiv, do not hesitate if you are near !

Tour: Orpheus Trail (8 days progressive ride in Rodopi mountains), 7-11/7.14, Hanne C./Denmark

We had a fantastic trip to Bulgaria. We hope you all know and appreciate the great work Loboo is doing, He is very service minded, have great knowledge in his country and put a lot of enthusiasm in his work. Thanks for a great holiday, the setup is good being outdoor all day and the combination with the beautiful Plovdiv.

Tour: Orpheus Trail (8 days progressive ride in Rodopi mountains), 14-22/7.12, Troels R./Denmark

Our guide Dobrian helped us arrange a trip to Plovdiv, which was fantastic. At this occasion the company showed great flexibility.

Tour: Horseriding holiday Balkan Village Trek, Bulgaria, 15-17/6.14, Kim K./Belgium

We booked a horsebackriding trip in june. I didnt know what to expect. Anna (the travelling guide) waited for us at the hostel in Sofia. She was going to drive us with her car to the horseriding village. It matched from the first time. Then we met the horses. It were very stable and steady horses. The horse guide was very kind to his horses. You feel that his horses are very important to him and that the horses are very trusting to him.

It was a beautiful environment. We walked through: alpen medows authentic villages, on top of the hills. It was crossing and learn to know Bulgaria by horse. We slept in hostels and tourist rooms from the local village people. You dont have to expect luxury, but it was very clean and the owners did the best they can. We ate in typical bulgarian reatuarants and in the hostels. The food was great! I never ate so good in my whole life. The spices, the time and the love they put in there meat and vegetables dishes no words for that. You cant choose your food, but it was very good and they ask in advance what you absolutely dont like. And a tip: take biscuits or something litle and water for on the horse. The trips are long and you dont may underestimate the effort that you have to do when you ride a horse.

I could say that this one of the best voyages I have ever done. I did all kinds of voyages: luxurious trips, camping hiking. For me it is not important what someone have. For me it is more important what someone can offer. Anna, the horse guide and the village people offered us: a secure feeling, a welcome feeling, badminton on the streets, a local who sang so beautiful great bulgarian food; kind, wise and not spoiled horses, a clean bed, . honesty. We saw the real people behind Bulgaria and I hope that they stay the way they are. Thank you.

Tour: Orpheus Trail (8 days progressive ride in Rodopi mountains), 19-26/5.12, Kevin F./USA

Having been on several horseback excursions, I have found that guides are the most instrumental factor for an enjoyable time. Dobryan and Lubo delivered on all accounts.

Tour: Orpheus Trail (8 days progressive ride in Rodopi mountains), 18-25/8.14, Annette L./Denmark

We must say that our guide was just perfect. He was funny and spoke very good english. He was very nice to us and was welcome at all over the places. He was fun to ride with, he gave us race and everytime he asked if we were OK. So Penguin Travel please be good with our guide, because if we are going to Bulgaria again we will have our man again.

Tour: Horseriding holiday Orpheus Trail, 14-21/7/2014, Leesen N./England

Our guide Lubo was great, very genuine, awesome! We will definitely recommend the tour to our friends.

Tour: Horseriding holiday Balkan Village Trek, 10-17/7/2014, Stefanie U./Germany

We highly recommend this tour! Landscape and people, guide, galopps, stay at local houses and pubs were unforgetable.

Tour: Balkan Village Trek (8 days progressive ride in Teteven Balkan area), 20-27/7.13, Asa G./ Sweden

Our horse-guide was so so nice. He knows the mountain in his heart. He has lovely humor.

Tour: Balkan Village Trek, 13-20/8.14, Annette N./ Denmark

har lige været på 8 dages ridning i balkanbjergene med Marion og Antoni som guide det var noget af det bedste jeg længe har oplevet og det er ikke sidste gang. mange tak

Tour: Horseriding holiday Orpheus Trail, 3-10/7/2014, Justine P./France

Guide was always smiling and take care of us, plenty of galopes, kindeness of the guides, great accommodation.

Tour: Horseriding holiday Orpheus Trail, 19-26/5/2014, Tone H./Denmark

Lubomir was an amazing guide, good company, excellent English. The trip was very exciting. Next year I will bring my daughter to gain riding experience.

Tour: Horseriding holiday Orpheus Trail, 18-25/5/2014, Cynthia S./France

Our guide Lubo, the horses, the guesthouses, the food, the itinerary- ALL OF IT! Lubo was instantly personable, very knowledgable about trails, the areas, his riding skill, patience& knowing just what choices to make in the moment. He was very aware and attentive to us on the ride also very well received.

Tour: Horseriding holiday Balkan Village Trek, 8-10/3/2014, Lisa D./Sweden

We liked our guide very much, Emo is funny and very helpful. The gallopping on top of the mountains and cantering on top of the mountains were fantastic.

Tour: Teteven horse riding trip, 22-25/5/2013, Claudia M./Germany

The whole trip was an excellent chance to get an insight of Bulgarian way of life. Thank you!

Tour: Rhodope Mountains Ride, 22/10/2013, Elena Pushkareva

Enjoyed the most Everything! From my first day till the last I enjoyed every moment. The guide (Lubomir) was very caring and hospitable, great horseman and very good friend. He kept good company with a lot of laughts and positive attitude during the whole trip. Horses were well behaved and were eager to run. I improved very much my riding skills during this trip.

Tour: Rhodope Mountains Ride, 14/6/2013, Cindy Sawyer

Lubo our guide was on top of everything. The route and trails we took were exciting, beautiful, and he is very good in watching out for the safety of his horses and the riders. The ride was enough of a challenge with changing terrain conditions, canters, walks, and amazing views! Lubo also had excellent knowledge to share of his country and customs. Really enjoyed the cultural side trips to took too-winery, monastary, wonderful bridges, shopping. The guesthouses were awesome, comfortable and very welcoming. It was so nice to have a fresh bed and a shower everyday. The food was so good, fresh, healthy with colorful[took pictures] presentation.

Tour: Rhodope Mountains Ride, 29/11/2012, Katherine St James

I enjoyed the fast pace of the ride, the spectacular hotels, the care from our guide, and the horses who would go over absolutely anything. They also easily/willingly accomodated my dairy allergy, which is difficult somewhat in Bulgarian cuisine.

Tour: Rhodope Mountains Ride, 17/10/2012, Shari Phalan

Our guide, Lubol was a man of many talents and very accommodating. He was well informed, generous with help and sincerely concerned about his clients fun. The sleep accommodations were excellent, except for Hotel Plovdiv. The mountain hotels were clean, had good food and terrific views. Proprietors and Lubol were exceedingly polite and I shall remember all of them fondly.

Tour: Rhodope Mountains Ride, 8/7/2012, Rachael Heslop

Enjoyed the Most: A different way to see a country, great guide who was heaps of fun and knew a lot about the places we went.

Tour: Rhodope Mountains Ride, 15/2/2012, Marcia Fisher

I loved the stopping at a local bee keepers home where he showed us how he tends to his bees, and harvests the honey. Everyone bought a bottle to take home.

Tour: Rhodope Mountains Ride, 13/11/2011, Pauline Engram

It is hard to say what I enjoyed the most because everything was great! The horses were very well behaved and the guides were so good to us. It was a very enjoyable week.

Tour: Rhodope Mountains Ride, 2/10/2011, Traci Freeman

Our great guides, the great group, and the beautiful country. Dobrian was fantastic. He was such a great guide and host. He really went out of his way to make sure we had a great holiday. My last trip with hidden trails was the Markree castle trip. We were just shuttled around here and there. We never once felt that on this trip!

Tour: Rhodope Mountains Ride, 25/9/2011, Amy DeMint

It was a nice, peaceful week. The people were very friendly, the horses were well behaved and in good condition, and the accommodations were excellent. When the path was obvious, so the guide stayed to the rear, allowing the two of us customers to go at our own paces and have an unobstructed view of the trail ahead. When the path forked, we would relax and graze until the guide caught up and indicated the correct direction.

Tour: Balkan Village Trek (8 days progressive ride in Teteven Balkan area), 13-20/9.14, Patrick L./Denmark

One of the best tours I have been at. Antoni is great, funny, social and telling stories about bulgarian legends and other interesting things about places we have been at. Helpful and friendly.

Tour: 5 days riding tour in Rodopi mountains, 13-17/10.14, Lene S./Denmark

Our guide was very nice smiling person. Nice and easy to be with.

Tour: Horseriding Rodopi mountains, Bulgaria, 16-18/9.14, Felicity M./Ireland

The staff made the holiday very enjoyable. The trip is excellent value for money.

Tour: Horseriding Rodopi mountains, Bulgaria, 15-19/9.14, Daphne Z./Denmark

Both guides wee very considerate and sensitive towards everyone;s needs. Included dinner was excellent. All went very smoothly, vert nice and professional people.

Tour: Horseriding, Rodopi mountains, 4-5/11.14, Alexandra B./UK

Lyubo is very friendly helpful and good with the horses. Like his laid back attitude. Very satisfied with the tour, will recommend to anyone.

Tour: Horseriding holiday Balkan Village Trek, Bulgaria, 19-26/10.14, Emma W./UK

I will always remember fantastic scenery, weather, food; the provision of it, horses, culture, caves. I would like to say that both local horse guides were excellent. Felt very safe on horses.

Tour: Horseriding holiday Balkan Village Trek, Bulgaria, 22-24/5.13, Claudia M./Germany

The whole trip was an excellent chance to get an insight of Bulgarian way of life. Thank you!

Tour: Horseriding holiday Balkan Village Trek, Bulgaria, 15-22/6.13, Adrian W./UK

The guide went the extra mile to help us during our holiday. I enjoyed eating traditional food.

Tour: Двудневна езда Родопи, Гълъбово-Лилково-Гълъбово, 26-27/4.14, Диана Т./България

Всеки един момент беше забележителен: от напиването в кръчмата – до галопа Любо е най-добрия водач, с който съм била и едва ли бих могла да се доверя на друг; търпелив; спокоен; услужлив, разбира потребностите на всички в групата и помага с всичко.